Question: Is Bromsgrove a good area?

Bromsgrove is a small, leafy market town surrounded by green belt land in Worcestershire. It sits just 16 miles south west of Birmingham and 14 miles north east of Worcester, making it an ideal home for commuters. However, there is a price to pay for enjoying the best of both the city and rural life in Bromsgrove.

Whats Bromsgrove famous for?

Bromsgrove is the main town in the larger Bromsgrove District. In the Middle Ages it was a small market town; primarily producing cloth through the early modern period. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries it became a major centre for nail making.

What is the population of Bromsgrove 2020?

Further information about the population structure:Age Groups (E 2020)0-17 years20,82918-64 years56,89265+ years22,848

How many houses are in Bromsgrove?

39,164 houses The public transport system, combined with varied employment opportunities, a wide selection of leisure activities and education options, helped the Bromsgrove housing market to continue to grow. There are approximately 39,164 houses in this area.

Is Redditch poor?

According to the investigation, Central ward in Redditch has the highest proportion of children living in poverty. The research estimates 582 children, or 42 per cent, living in the area are trapped in poverty with 1,220 (41 per cent) of youngsters in Greenlands also facing life below the breadline.

What famous people went to Bromsgrove School?

The most famous people who went to school in BromsgroveActor Trevor Eve. Olympic cyclist Jess Varnish. Pop star Ritchie Neville from Five. Gymshark founder Ben Francis. Fyfe Dangerfield of Guillemots. Politician Lord Heseltine. Youtuber and rapper Dan Bull. International Rugby star Ben Foden. •Aug 1, 2021

What shops are in Bromsgrove?

The Best 10 Shopping in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, United KingdomAsda Stores. 0.1 mi. Grocery, Department Stores. Shiny. 0.2 mi. Toy Stores, Flowers & Gifts. Lush Furniture. 0.5 mi. Furniture Stores. Bon Marche. 0.1 mi. Womens Clothing. Aisse Boutique. 4.5 mi. Edinburgh Woollen Mill. 0.2 mi. Savoir Faire. 3.6 mi. Spex 4 U. 0.1 mi.

Why is Bromsgrove called Bromsgrove?

Indeed, Bromsgroves name is probably derived from this sacred grove. The church is structurally sandstone and building began in the 12th century however much of the present building is 13th century. The church was completed in the 15th century and the Lych Gate was built in 1656.

How old is Bromsgrove?

An ancient chantry school founded some time in the Middle Ages, Bromsgrove was re-established as a Tudor grammar school between 1548 and 1553. The endowment of Sir Thomas Cookes in 1693 produced the first buildings on the present site and also the historic link with Worcester College, Oxford.

Is Bromsgrove school a good school?

A school large on numbers and blessed with an expansive campus, Bromsgrove regularly features in the top 20 co-ed boarding schools for A-levels, and posts extremely impressive IB Diploma results. The facilities are equally impressive, with a pleasing mixture of traditional and brand new buildings.

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