Question: Are triggerfish aggressive?

Ordinarily, triggerfishes are among the most wary in the sea. These females are very aggressive to other fishes; many species of triggerfishes will exhibit aggression to a diver as well, but it generally takes the form of an overt rapid movement towards the intruder, quickly followed by a rapid retreat to the nest.

Do triggerfish attack people?

It is common for snorkelers and/or divers to be bitten by triggerfish because they are very territorial. However, such a bite isnt going to be extremely painful or life threatening. It isnt believed that the triggerfish bites people in an effect to consider them as a food source.

Are triggerfish aggressive to other fish?

Triggerfish can even be used to cycle a new tank, but, because they are often aggressive, using them that way may cause a problem if you hope to add any other fish to the aquarium. Although they vary somewhat in their disposition, most species should be kept on their own or in a species aquarium.

Can Trigger fish live with anemone?

It will not eat coral or anemones, but may go after shrimp, clams, and snails. If you plan to keep it with shrimp, add the shrimp first.

Can you have 2 triggerfish?

Introduction. As mentioned above, certain species of Triggerfish are more appropriate than others for long-term cohabitation with other fish species. More than one Triggerfish from this genus can even be kept in the same tank, but they should be introduced at the same time to avoid serious territorial aggression.

How big do HUMU HUMU triggers get?

Care LevelBeginnerDispositionAggressiveMin. Tank Size50 gallonsMature Size12 inchesDietCarnivore5 more rows

How many gallons does a triggerfish need?

The minimum tank size for keeping a Clown triggerfish should be 100 gallons. As always when it comes to aquariums, bigger is better and an adult Clown triggerfish that can keep growing to beyond 18 inches will need an aquarium of at least 300 gallons.

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