Question: Can you recover a deleted Grindr account?

Unfortunately, a deleted profile cant be recovered as this is a permanent action. You can, however, create a new profile using the same credentials.

Can you recover Grindr?

Reinstall the latest version of the app from the Google Play ID where you made your backup before. Log into Grindr. You should be prompted to restore your chats and choose the Google Drive Account where you made your backup. Your chats should restore and you will see the confirmation message.

Does Grindr delete old accounts?

Lapsed Accounts (inactive for more than 30 days): Expunged 120 days after the last date of account activity. Deleted Accounts: Expunged within seven (7) days of account deletion. Banned Accounts: Expunged 120 days after banned date.

How do I know if someone deleted Grindr?

When youve blocked, it looks as if the other person has left Grindr and any linked profile has been deleted (but it hasnt). In this case, find a friend who also has a Grindr profile, and have that person look on Grindr for your partner. Maybe use any old links you have saved to help the other person in their search.

What happens if you delete your Grindr account?

Your account will be completely removed and you wont be able to recover any information previously stored on your account. If you want to remove your chat logs you will need to to block the person before you delete your account.

When you log out of Grindr Does your profile disappear?

Part 1: Log out of Grindr account When you log off the account, people can still view your profile. You can retain the messages and media in this platform without any issues. Instead of deleting Grindr account, you can take a temporary off using the log off option.

Why did my Grindr account get deleted?

When a profile is banned for breaching our Community Guidelines, we will remove their presence from the app entirely. This includes messages theyve sent to others. Its also possible that this person has deleted their Grindr profile -- doing so will remove all of their data as well as messages theyve sent to others.

How do I get rid of my Grindr ban?

If Grindr is banned in your country, meeting up with other LGBTQ+ people can be difficult and unsafe....To stay safe, use a screen name and create a new email address just for your Grindr profile.Download a VPN. Connect to a server in your country. Download the Grindr app. Create your account. Enjoy Grindr!

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